Terms and Conditions

The method of payment for the participant is either in cash at the Gym’s headquarters, by credit card, or via the website, considering the following: 

1- A paid participation may not be refunded after attending the first class or passing the first day of the agreed-upon participation days. 

2- If the participant wants to refund the value of his participation before the first class or before passing the first day, administrative expenses will be deducted, which are estimated at 10% of the value of the paid participation. 

3- The priority of entry to the Gym and approval of participation comes prior to the reservation and advance payment. 

4- Membership will be renewed, and the new membership participation will be paid at least (24 hours) before the existing membership expires, and reminder messages will be sent to participants by management at least (48 hours) before the renewal date. 

5- It is allowed to transfer membership from one person to another, but it is not permitted to use the same membership for more than one person . 

6- Membership fees may be subject to change. In this case, the Gym will notify participants at least (15 days) before the membership renewal date. 

*Rules for entering the Gym * 

1- The Gym reserves the right to prevent any nonparticipant from entering the Gym without any responsibility on the part of the Gym. 

2- The Gym reserves the right to close for regular maintenance and on official holidays. Participants will be notified at least (24 hours) before the specified closing time. 

3- Participants are strictly prohibited from removing their shirt and training without it.

4- Cabinets will be provided for each participant, and the Gym is not responsible for the loss of any personal items.

5- Mobile phones are only allowed in the reception area.

6- The Gym management reserves the right to cancel any membership if it violates these instructions or engages in any unethical behavior and is not entitled to refund the participation.

*Participating members must observe the following rules*

1- Consideration of other members' rights and eligibility. 

2- Return the equipment to its designated places upon completion of training. 

3- Compliance with instructions of trainers on the proper use of equipment. 

4- Smoking is strictly prohibited. 

5- Do not keep weight plates on the floor. 

6- Do not drop the dumbbells on the ground. 

7- Dealing with all members and employees of the Gym in a good manner. 

8- Responsibility for any damage to the equipment or any damage to the club’s contents resulting from misuse or negligence.